Monday, November 30, 2009

Atchucan Music: Urbandub

Atchucan Music: Urbandub

Here at the Atchucan headquarters, we don't only talk about gaming, tv shows or hot girls. The Atchucan team also share the love for music. Every time we hang out at the Atchucan HQ, each of us in the team submits a dozen tracks which would be included in the playlist. The Atchucan playlist is then played the whole day.

That way, we get exposed to different types of music and become educated musically. Now, we are gonna take that musical education online here at the Atchucan blog so that you guys won't be left behind . For our first feature, we have decided to go indie with Urbandub.

Urbandub started out in 2000 with humble beginnings. But with that progressive sound, their music has snowballed a cult following there in Asia. Simple text won't accurately depict their addictive sound, so why don't you just go forth and listen to an Urbandub song.

P.S. Urbandub has a new album called "The Apparition"
Check it out! You definitely won't regret it.