Wednesday, July 15, 2009

League of Legends

If you've read about the Atchucan article about Heroes of Newerth, then this feature about another DotA based game might interest you.

League of Legends is a game developed by Riot Games.
In LOL (acronym for League of Legends), a player takes on the role of a Summoner which is a persistent element to the game. The Summoner can summon heroes called "Champions" to fight for them in battle arenas where the aspects taken from the original Warcraft 3 mod called DotA All-Stars are played out.

The best news about it? League of Legends will be a free to play online game.
That means you don't have to spend a single dime to have an advantage over other gamers.
Just download the game for free and you're good to go.
*The game developers are encouraging League of Legends (LOL) torrents.

Official League of Legends website:

League of Legends belongs to the DotA genre - an emerging gaming genre applying to all games heavily inspired by DotA AllStars.