Monday, December 1, 2008

KungFu Dunk

If you love atleast any of the following:
a) Takehiko Inoue's anime/manga entitled Slamdunk
b) basketball
c) kungfu

Then KungFu Dunk is something you would wanna watch.
It tells us the story of an abandoned boy who's left in the care of a kung fu master.
As Jay Chou grows up, an opportunistic scout discovers his talent and athleticism.
Utilizing this gifts, the old scout makes him play for a university basketball team and makes it a way for Chou to
locate his missing parents.

Mixed with Chinese hiphop and rap that would make you go "Hey! What's
the name of that song?", Kungfu dunk gives a good quick fix for a chillout film on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

Monday, November 10, 2008

10 Tips for World Editor Mapmakers

The World Editor is one of the most comprehensive programs out there
that encourages modding/mapmaking.
This tool released by Blizzard has fueled an active modding community
for games like Starcraft and Warcraft.
So to those aspiring mapmakers who want to make it to the list next year,
here are some notes from Atchucan Gaming.

1) Putting the word "Defense" in your title seems to work their magic. Get a good title for your map. Something that has a good name recall.

2) A dedicated website is a must to get gamers who like your map to get together. This also serves as the mecca for those newbies who want to know more about your game. Plus, a community will be a great place to get feedbacks about your map from the people who play them.

3) Get a nice graphics guy. Nice map previews and loading screens gives a boost in terms of mass appeal. It also makes your map stand out from the flurry of other generic looking maps.

4) Encourage competitive play. Setting up leagues and tournaments ensures support from hard core followers.

5) Keep up map support by releasing map updates to fix bugs and leaks, update content, do more balancing and to basically improve the overall quality of the map.

6) Do map protection. Unless you're a Linux advocate and want to encourage open source, map protection minimizes unofficial clones of your map. Map protection greatly decreases the number of people who would give their favorite heroes imba buffs and mess up your map. Plus cheat versions of your map won't multiply that much.

7) Submit your map to mapmaking communities. Sites like TheHiveWorkshop and Garena give a lot of exposure or your map. Plus you get reviews from fellow mapmakers.

8) Get a Beta testing team togeteher. These guys would help out in spotting stuff you missed and contrary to popular belief, Beta tests actually increases the hype for your map.

9) Host your map.
Nothing better than going down and dirty to spearhead the spread of your map.

10) Have your map reviewed by gaming blogs like Atchucan.
Nothing much more effective than going grassroots and encouraging word of mouth.
We've already done blog reviews on a couple of maps.
If you want your map to be reviewed, feel free to let us now by pressing the comment button.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Barack Obama Vintage Basketball

The votes have been tallied and Barack Obama has emerged as the 44th president of the United States of America.
But what most people don't know is...
Barack Obama played varsity basketball back in his high school days.

Atchucan gaming now brings you some fun facts.

Atchucan Fun fact Number 1:
Barack Obama's height is roughly 6'1"
*The stated height needs further verification.

Atchucan Fun fact Number 2:
He played basketball for Punahou School which is in Hawaii.

Atchucan Fun fact Number 3:
Obama's basketball jersey was number 23.
And yes, he wore it before Michael Jordan did.

Atchucan Fun fact Number 4:
His complete name is Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.
Barack's birthday: August 4, 1961

Heres is a team picture of the Panahou basketball team.

Can you spot the president?

To those who still don't believe he played, let this vintage video do the talking.

Friday, October 24, 2008

5 Most Popular BattleNet Warcraft custom maps

The 5 Most Popular BattleNet Warcraft custom maps

A few weeks ago, we released the Top 5 hottest custom maps for 2008.
Due to popular demand from our readers, we will now be releasing the top 5 most popular Battle.Net Warcraft custom maps today.

Take note that only the popularity is being scaled here. Balance, design and gameplay are not taken into account.
(Side note: Most of those who made it to the list rank high in those categories anyway)

Without much further ado, Atchucan Gaming presents the Top 5 BattleNet Warcraft customs.


DotA retains the number one spot as Icefrog and Pendragon continually enjoy an active DotA community. The recent announcement of former DotA modder, Guinsoo, about a massive online game called League of Legends shows us how far Aeon of Strife has brought us in terms of gaming.

Island Defense

Island Defense silently makes it to the list as the inhabitants of the Island continue defending themselves from the dreaded Titans. What's a better way to enjoy a vacation in a lovely tropical island than running away from the Titans?
P.S. Eternal slavery is not an option.

Footmen Frenzy

You can't truly call yourself a Warcraft gamer until you've joined the frenzy of controlling armies razing the other Barracks to the ground.

Enfos Team Survival

You can't go wrong splashing a Pandaren on your map preview screen as Enfo's Team Survival gets into the list. Have fun defending your base from those mobs that continually get stronger as the game goes on.

Element TD

Element TD has always been the banner map for the tower defense genre and it stays on the list with the Beta map they released earlier this year. The question is... When are they gonna release the post-beta version?

Note: Only Defense of the Ancients has an accurate standing of being Number One, the rankings of the maps following it are debatable.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Street Fighter: The Legend of Chunli

Kristin Kreuk fans, rejoice!

She will be playing Chun Li in an upcoming Street Fighter movie.
The title would be Street Fighter: The Legend of Chunli

You can visit the movie website at:

Here is the Japanese version of the movie poster:

Other notable actors who will be in the film are:
Neal McDonough
Taboo (the guy from the Black Eyed Peas)
Chris Klein
Michael Clarke Duncan
Moon Bloodgood
Edmund Chen
Cheng Pei Pei
Robin Shou
Josie Ho

Here is another character to look out for:
Detective Maya Sunee played by Moon Bloodgood
No idea who she is? Well... Maya Sunee will be a new addition to the Street Fighter series. She's a fast-talking no-nonsense cop from Bangkok.

One word? Hotness.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Browser Game: The Reincarnation

The Reincarnation (slash ArchMage slash War of The Mages) is a text-browser game that uses the turn based system. In this game, you play as one of the mages in war havocked land called Terra.

To start things off, the first thing you do is to register an account at their site. This step reincarnates a certain mage into the battlefield that you get to control.
You can choose among 5 types of magic specialty namely:


And every 5 minutes or so (depending on the server you joined), you earn a turn. You can use these turns to: explore lands, build structures for your country, attacked other countries and research more powerful magic.

As you grow to become more powerful and climb up the rankings, other mages might start attacking your country to capture your lands, pillage your economy, KILL your mage (which takes you out of the game forcing you to reincarnate a new account)
or simply just for the heck of it.

To counter this, you have to erect fortresses, recruit units and summon creatures to beef up your defenses. Richer mages can take part in the bidding for powerful units called Heroes in the Black Market.

A season's length depends on the decisions that the highest ranked mages make.
If 5 different type of mages successfully cast Armageddon, this signals the last days of the season and all hell breas lose as players become desperate to be part of the HALL OF FAME.

I played a decent Red (Eradicaton)
Summoning all those Red Dragons was sure a lot of fun!

Reincarnate your own mage at:

Atchucan notes: The last time I played this game was back in 2002. There have been some changes but the basic concepts have remained intact.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Wario Land: Shake it demolishes Youtube

What happens if you upload a Wario Land video on Youtube?

Game Paused.

Who's Wario? What's a Youtube?

Wario is the evil counterpart of Nintendo's Mario.

The greedy Italian - Wario raising the Nintendo Wii handsign

Youtube is a website that specializes in online video sharing. It is a great example of user-generated content on the Web.
Game resumed.

This is what happens when you post Nintendo Wii gameplay videos online.


And After

To watch the video, click your pointers to this link:

You know what I just found out?
Youtube's website has a very shaky foundation. hehe...

Best seen using the Mozilla Firefox browser.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Atchucan Article: Girls and Gaming

Gaming isn't limited to boys. In fact, according to the NPD group, a research firm based in the US, females accounted for 21 percent in last year's total sales growth. Due to the the influx of non-violent casual games , more and more women have gotten into the world of gaming. With the huge growth potential that this niche offers, companies like Sony have started targeting the female audience by releasing female friendly game titles.

But that does not mean that girls are limited to the casual games genre. In fact, South Korean gamer Tossgirl has made a name for herslf by beating both both boys and girls alike in the classic RTS, Starcraft.

Taking all these things into consideration, we at Atchucan Gaming have decided to start publishing exclusive interviews with our Atchucan lady gamers. Not only that, we would also be doing Atchucan GamerGirl features about your favorite female gamers.

All these only from

*If you have any GamerGirl request, feel free to ask.
How? By clicking Post a comment.

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Top 5 hottest WarCraft maps of 2008

After conducting various surveys and undergoing extensive research, Atchucan, the ultimate gaming blog has compiled a list of the top 5 hottest Warcraft 3 custom maps for 2008.
The ranking is not based solely on the number of gamers who play the game but also based on the number of people talking about it on and offline. Not only that, Atchucan takes note of the percentage of growth a particular map has gained for the year 2008. With these criteria, Atchucan presents the top Warcraft custom maps starting with...

Number 5
Element TD

This was the toughest place to take, with 3 different tower defense maps fighting for it namely: Element TD, Mafa and Tropical Tower Wars. But in the end, the "dota" of tower defense, Element TD, has wrestled the number 5 slot away from the other two. To find out more about Element TD, go to

Number 4

What happens if you take one DotA-based hero that is is so popular that it creates its own spin-off series? You get Pudge Wars! Throw a hook here, throw a hook there and you get one of the most popular fishing games in WarCraft.
To start packing for the fishing trip, get your gear ready at

Number 3
DotA All-Stars

With declining interest around the world, DotA AllStars takes 3rd spot down from the pedestal it has stood at for the past few years. Even though DotA was included in this year's tournaments, the game is now having more retirees than newbies for the first time in it's history.
To experience what all that hype was about, get it at and start jungling at

Number 2
Fight of Characters
Who cares if this is one of the most unbalanced custom maps ever released for Warcraft 3. FOC has combined both hero arena and imported anime models to turn it into a good formula for becoming one of the fastest rising maps for 2008. Originally Korean, there is still no good English translation as of the moment.
Visit their site at

And the hottest WarCraft map for 2008 is...
Fufu United Ninja All-Stars

It started as a splinter map to the now defunct Ninja Duels project by ThredNThrash but it has now come out on it's own. Relying heavily on game balance and simple gameplay, Fufu United Ninja AllStars has grown immensely popular especially at the Garena game servers. With a few more improvements, it could possibly become the next big thing in competitive gaming after DotA.
Ninja training starts at

So guys, there you finally have it.
Now go and start downloading these maps and play with your friends.

Requirements: Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne

Disclaimer: Sample population for this article was taken from the Garena community and the readers of this blog and may not reflect the results of the other gaming platforms like Zion, BattleNet or Lancraft.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

AtchucanTV: Avatar - The Last Airbender

With 61 episodes spanning 3 seasons, Avatar: The Last Airbender has what it takes to be an AtchucanTV feature.

Nickolodean's Avatar has redefined American cartoons and successfully blended Western and Eastern concepts. I'm sure most of us prefer Japanese animation over American. Taking the best of both worlds, the story of Avatar takes place in a world with 4 nations based upon the elements.

These nations are:
The Air Nomads
The Earth Kingdom
The Water Tribe
and the Fire Nation

In the series, people of each place can "bend" an element. (Example: a fire nation soldier can control well... uh fire! Go figure.)

So the story of Avatar mainly revolves around Aang, a 12 year old monk who's actually over a hundred years old! Go figure some more.
He's a loveable kid who's both naive and peculiarly clever which easily makes the series a good candidate for a guilty pleasure.
Now if you want to stop figuring all these things out, Atchucan recommends you to stop reading my blog and go grab yourself the 3 seasons of Avatar: The Last Airbender.

P.S. My favorite character is Toph - the blind girl who's wicked sick with her Earth-bending.
Who's yours?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Samurai Shodown Anthology - Old School's Finest

Who doesn't love old-school arcade games? Especially those fighting games wherein you practiced the perfect combos until you ran out of credits... (oops!)
SNK now brings back one of old-school's finest to be played in the modern platforms.

Atchucan button mashers unite!

SNK is releasing the whole Samurai Shodown series on one disc!
Wait wait, all 7 titles?
Yup. That's Samurai Shodown, I, II, III, IV, V, V Special and VI all in.
Porting everything intact (even that uber cool sound of a slashing sword through flesh), this classic series will only be available for the following platforms:

Playstation 2
Nintendo Wii

So if you own any of those stuff, Atchucan recommends you to get this one.
Having this gem will let you experience the 15 years of evolution of the finest fighting game of it's time.

My favorite was Galford with his ever loyal puppy ready to bite.
Which samurai would you use to beat my team?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

AtchucanTV: Prison Break

Warning: PrisonBreak is not be suitable for very young audiences.

Throughout history, escape attempts from prison has shown us how much man desires freedom.
The thought of escaping has always brought that adrenaline rush in the thoughts of people.
Generally, people thought of these accounts as exciting and adventurous.
In fact, prison escapes have been a high-selling subject for both fiction and non-fiction books.
(Atchucan Recommends: Alexandre Dumas' The Count of Monte Cristo)

Paul T. Scheuring brings it up a notch by bringing that concept to television which has made PrisonBreak one of the most exciting TV series ever created. Each new episode makes you keep yearning for more since it has that right formula of satisfying a curiousity then quickly bringing up another mystery.

Wentworth Miller plays Michael Scofield, the structural engineer who creates an elaborate plan to break out his wrongfully accused brother. Relying on his brilliant analytical skills and foresight, he creates situations which eventually add up to his main goal - breaking out of Fox River State Penitentiary.

You know these guys are gonna escape, you just don't know when!

Now who wants some Bolshoi Booze?

Monday, September 15, 2008

Atchucan is giving away Garena Gold membership

Atchucan Gaming is giving away a 1 month GARENA gold membership to a lucky suscriber.

Gold membership benefits:
x2 EXP gain
Enter Full Rooms
See Numerical Ping values
Gold color
Highlighted Chat messages

Terms and conditions explained on the Garena forum by our sponsors.

Suscribe to Atchucan by entering your e-mail address below.

Delivered by Atchucan Gaming

Metal Slug Zero - from Arcade to Online

In 1996, a shoot 'em up many of you might have played one time or another in an arcade center was released. That run and gun game was called Metal Slug. The Metal Slug series was so successful and enjoyable that it became the standard for it's genre.
It's been over a decade since Marco and Tarmac (the guys brandishing those guns in the game) first appeared to shoot down all those hordes with their own versions of weapons of mass destruction.

Fast forward...
The arcade game we all loved is now going ONLINE.
Yup, you heard it first right here.
Dubbed as Metal Slug Zero, this comic shooting action will now be brandished in full 3d.
It will introduce online concepts like card systems, parties and guilds.
What's more, it would be able to have two players play together in one computer!

As we wait for the South Koreans to finalize their work, why don't you guys visit the Korean Metal Slug Zero website at:

Or you can stop figuring out those Korean characters by going to the English site:

"Heavy Machine Gun!"

Design your own Google search engine

What if Google wasn't founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin?
What if YOU did?

Wonder no more and view your own search page the Google way!
Try it up at:
Just change the "Atchucan" word to your desired word.

P.S. Feel free to share your own search page by posting it on the comments section.
I'd really appreciate your comments, guys.

Google - more than just a simple search engine

To all those stuck with yahoo and msn, I've got a 2 syllable word for you... Google.
Currently one of the biggest internet companies in the world, Google has stayed on top through simplicity. Just take a look at theirwebsite. It basically contains only three things: the Google logo of the day, a search box and some links of a whole lot of other services that Google offers.
(Do bloggger, gmail and youtube ring any bells?)

Google has showed the world that developing internet services that are both user-friendly and useful at the same time can turn an obscure start-up into a multi-billion company.
So if you're tired of the lame search results of yahoo and msn, why don't you give google a try?
Start searching at:

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mozilla Firefox - The Better Internet Browser

Tired of that old default browser of yours?
Want to enjoy hassle free internet browsing?

Then Mozilla Firefox is the web browser for you.
It runs on Microsoft Windows, MAC OS X, Linux and a whole lot of other operating systems.
Try to beat that huh.

Since it is free software, you won't need to worry about people claiming that you're "stealing" their software.

With great features like user-friendly tabbed browsing, spell checker, live bookmarking, an integrated download manager, blah blah blah...
Well... you get the point.

It's got all you need in surfing the Internet.

To those paranoid with internet security, Mozilla Firefox is the ideal browser for you.
Touted as the safest web browser around, this browser also patches security holes faster than Microsoft's boring Internet Explorer which means that you won't have to worry about people stealing your passwords and credit cards as much as when you are using Internet Explorer.

The Mozilla Foundation also gives a "bug bounty" (translation: cash) for those people who discover security holes in Firefox.

Now tell me, how can you go wrong with a free and open-source software with more than a hundred million hardcore users?
The great thing about being open-source?
New applications and add-ons get added up every single day which makes people's lives easier and better.

Download it for free at:

Featured DVD: Ironman

Set for release on September 30, 2008, the blockbuster movie can now be watched at the comfort of your own home.
As you can expect in always any home theater release, the Ironman DVD will feature deleted scenes, behind-the-camera footage and all those boring interviews.
It would also include Robert Downey Jr.'s original screen test.
Now that's something worth watching.

I'm getting my hands on one of these.
Another reason to get a copy?
I wanna watch the movie in French. hehe.
Total Movie Runtime: 125 minutes

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Atchucan has been rated for General Audiences

Now, here's a cool find that bloggers would certainly find useful.
All you have to do is to enter the URL of your blogsite then this nifty little site rates your site according to the following categories:


Tip: To skip the ad, immediately click
No thanks, take me to my quiz results

What it basically does is to scan the content of your blog.
After which, it analyzes everything up then comes up with the rating just like the way they rate movies.

Here's the URL:
And has been rated:

Let's compare ratings. Feel free to post your ratings on the comments section.

Atchucan has turned NuffNang

I am not just a blogger, I am a NuffNanger!
A Nuffnanger?!?
What in the world is that?
To those who have no idea what Nuffnang is...
Nuffnang is Asia's First Blog Advertising Community.
It currently supports thousands of bloggers from:
1) Singapore
2) Malaysia
3) and the Philippines

Now the good thing about Nuffnang is, it's advertisers represent "cool"
And as you know, Atchucan is the epitome of cool.

Wanna know what convinced me to add Nuffnang?
It's their cool logo.

Now, aside from being part of Asia's fastest growing blogging community, I get to start earning some loose change in the process.

So everytime someone clicks on the Nuffnang ad, you earn real money in the form of your country's currency

*Dollars for bloggers from Singapore
*Ringgit for Malaysian bloggers
*Peso for Philippine bloggers

What does it take to be a NuffNanger?
1) Well... 1st you gotta be a cool blogger
(You ain't Nuffnang if you ain't cool.)

2) You must have atleast 20 unique peeps visiting your blog everyday
(which isn't really hard considering the number of cool people visiting Atchucan)
Thank you for being cool and for supporting my blog by the way.

So if you have both of those stuff in you, you do the next step.
Which is:

Going to the NuffNang site! (where else?) hehe.
To the uninformed, the website for NuffNang is:
Just click on one of the flags to continue.

Or if you're from the Philippines, you can directly go to

Register then wait for the e-mail confirmation.

You are now an certified exclusive Nuffnang member with a lotta cool perks.
Features like the imba ANALYTICS page is just the thing anyone ,who cares about web traffic, needs.
It tells you how many people have visited your site, the place they came from and your referrals.

Now it doesn't stop there, mate. (It doesn't?)
The last step is adding the Nuffnang code to your blog which involves a simple copy and paste techniqe.

Easy as 1,2 and 3 atchucan!
So sign up now!
As a blogger, I know I have nothing to lose.

If you have any questions about Nuffnang, I'd be glad to help you out.
Just post a text comment and I would reply as soon as possible.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

NBA Street Online conquers Asia

Move over FreeStyle Online, EA's NBA Street is going online.
Currently going under heavy beta testing in South Korea, the first NBA based MMOG (massively multiplayer online game) is dated to be released anywhere between late 2008 to early 2009.

Those familiar with the hit korean basketball game, FreeStyle Street Basketball, would surely be anticipating this game since it shares more or less the same concepts.

3 on 3 games - check
customizable avatars - check
impossible to do in real life tricks - check

Another bonus?
NBA Street Online will have controller support so that those people used to their consoles would feel comfortable.

And guess what?

Projected minimum requirements:
Pentium 3 processor
512 megabytes memory
128 MB video card.

Warcraft 3 Mod: Project Revolution discontinued

Snowflake Entertainment worked on it for more than 5 years but alas, the project to turn StarCraft:BroodWar into 3D is now OFFICIALLY dead!
COOLer, the lead internal coder for the project claimed that due to the limits of the WC3 engine, the project would not be able to recreate StarCraft to the very last detail.
Plagued by legal concerns and other issues both technical and non-technical, the muti-awarded conversion MOD will now be forever be written in the history books of both StarCraft and WarCraft.

Enjoy and appreciate the legacy that Project Revolution has left the gaming world.
Here are some screenshots for your enjoyment:

Now if you're still not yet convinced how great this MOD looked like, then maybe a few in-game images might change your opinion.
To go view a few more of these goodies, drop down their official websites.
And to sum it all up, let me leave you with an authentic Terran marine with the Snowflake insignia.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Concept: Old School Nintendo Wii

Everyone loves a Wii! And no, that's not all hype. With millions of units sold around the world, this console has single handedly brought Nintendo back to the mainstream and much more.
With all that love and the ingenuity of various people who "pimp" their consoles, a great concept has emerged.

Joe D! has concieve a little modification to this nifty little gadget.
He calls it the "Wii Vintage Mod Concept II"

The wooden look and feel simply gives that retro effect that any vintage gamer would appreciate.
And if that is not enough to gain your love, maybe this ingenious idea by Johnny Lee would.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Megaman 3 Theme with Lyrics (Fun Stuff Video)

Remember the good old days of Nintendo when Megaman 3 or Rockman 3 (Japanese name) was the thing you played? And in-game music were not yet as sophisticated as IO Interactive's Hitman game series.
Now this is what happens if you add lyrics to the original Megaman 3 title theme.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The 2008 DotA Olympics (DotA Video Feature)

Famed DotA movie editor, TheBloodyMassacre has put together an amusing video inspired by the 2008 Beijing Olympics. This could be the video that would jump start him above the rest of the DotA video makers.

Feel free to comment on the video below.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Garena Official Merchandise

Garena of Singapore has released exclusive official merchandise.
As of press time, the products released have been various T-shirts with unique designs.
These are rare goodies that are available only during Garena sponsored events like the recently held WCG Asia Championships.
These are the first released designs for the Garena Merchandise:

What started at Suntec City in Singapore has spread like fire.
Even the hot girls have joined the trend by sporting the Garena look.