Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mozilla Firefox - The Better Internet Browser

Tired of that old default browser of yours?
Want to enjoy hassle free internet browsing?

Then Mozilla Firefox is the web browser for you.
It runs on Microsoft Windows, MAC OS X, Linux and a whole lot of other operating systems.
Try to beat that huh.

Since it is free software, you won't need to worry about people claiming that you're "stealing" their software.

With great features like user-friendly tabbed browsing, spell checker, live bookmarking, an integrated download manager, blah blah blah...
Well... you get the point.

It's got all you need in surfing the Internet.

To those paranoid with internet security, Mozilla Firefox is the ideal browser for you.
Touted as the safest web browser around, this browser also patches security holes faster than Microsoft's boring Internet Explorer which means that you won't have to worry about people stealing your passwords and credit cards as much as when you are using Internet Explorer.

The Mozilla Foundation also gives a "bug bounty" (translation: cash) for those people who discover security holes in Firefox.

Now tell me, how can you go wrong with a free and open-source software with more than a hundred million hardcore users?
The great thing about being open-source?
New applications and add-ons get added up every single day which makes people's lives easier and better.

Download it for free at:


  1. Gotta love this browser.
    Mozilla Firefox for the win dude!

  2. google chrome is nice?

  3. ff 3.0 ftw!

    still in beta test. its a simple browser. bugs are still around but check it out

  4. yeah. google chrome is still in beta
    i'm planning to have an entry about it if i find it nice.
    i only post about the coolest stuff on this blog

    in the meantime, im using FF
    who doesnt love that browser?

  5. I use google chrome and it's faster than firefox.... but it don't have the "reload every" plug-in ^^

    that's why i'm sticking to firefox!!!


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