Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Heroes of Newerth

If you've played the Warcraft 3 custom called DotA All-Stars then this news might be something you'll be interested in.

Heroes of Newerth is a game created by S2 games that literally takes DotA All-Stars body and soul from the Warcraft 3 engine to it's own engine not restricted by Blizzard Entertainment.

Icefrog commented on the issue of a game copying DotA with this statement:
They contacted me a few years ago to ask if I had any objections to them doing a game heavily based on DotA, which I didn't. I don't really mind all these new games (6 total now I think), competition is a good thing in the long run. I will still work hard to develop and improve DotA on WC3 for everyone that is still interested in it.
As you can see in the screenshot below, HoN is DotA All-Stars 2.0.

Looks familiar?

Official Heroes of Newerth website:

Beta keys? Anyone?


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  2. What a rip-off of dota!
    that's Void! they just changed his name and made little changes to his hero model

  3. Looks great, I'm happy they 'ripped off dota!' as the above poster said. The game in it's current state is absolutely amazing and anyone who enjoys/enjoyed dota should look forward to this.

  4. We're giving away 8 BETA keys for Heroes of Newerth.

    The link is:

    Beta keys are limited so come fast!

  5. Just found this blog, im not sure if you are still trying to give out HoN beta keys but, maybe you could add their 10000 invites about to go out to their Facebook "fans" probably in about a day or two. I have watched the "fan" count go from 5000 something two day ago and now its up to 8000.


  6. yeah!
    I'm still giving away beta keys.
    And yes, I already added their Facebook.

  7. Hi,

    I read about Heroes of Newerth yesterday and got really excited about it because I have played DotA for around 4-5 years. The heroes seem to be loyal for their DotA counterparts so old DotA players should feel like home quite fast with HoN. Add in the awesome graphics and there should be a lot of fun to have.

    I have tried to hunt down a beta key for about three hours without success and now I'm here. Do you happen to have any spare beta keys left? I would be eternally grateful if you could send one key my way. My e-mail address is

  8. As that guy said:
    "I'm happy they 'ripped off dota!'"

    if a good soul out there have an extra key plz sent it to:

  9. i need one beta key, plz msg me

  10. Well I've played another game called Savage2 by the same developer and I must say it's pretty darn addictive. The game's ability to fuse fps, rpg, and rts game genres is not only unique but, I believe, the way all games should be heading.
    This new game HoN (Heroes of Newerth) is seemingly a step back from the direction they were pointing with their first two games. Don't get me wrong- I was an avid DotA gamer myself but if it doesn't offer a different twist into the game then all it is is a 'prettied' up version of the game.
    All my clan mates from savage 2 find the game 'stupid' or 'gay' but I have to see it with my own eyes. If I may ask for a key at it would be very much appreciated.

  11. do you guys know where to get the game? besides on having the beta key

  12. I have read a lot about Heroes of Newerth and have seen a lot of screenshots and videos. I think it rocks because as I can see it is an improved dota game and I have been playing dota for almost 4 years I think. I wanted to test it out because I wanted to check out if the great graphics of HoN is a rampage in gameplay. Please send me a beta key here is my email address: TIA

  13. wohoo! already got a HON beta key
    the game's real bad-a**

  14. plz send a key to

  15. i really want! please!

  16. i need a a key, please send to:

  17. Hello, im sory that Im asking late but is there any chance that you still have any beta keys please? My email address is Hope to hear from you soon. I've been dying to play the game. thanks

  18. Really, really i need a key, please, send me one.

  19. psl send key.!

  20. mada beta key plz

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  23. Please Send Me one Beta Key Please!!!

    I Relly Crave to Play Heroes of Newerth!

    Thanks in Advance!

  24. Could send me a key ?

  25. Hello, If you get any extra key's I would greatly appreciate one, Been a big dota fan for about 5 years now. I'm 21 and intelligent so I think I could snuff some bugs out

    Thank you

  26. i really need one beta key i cant imagine not being able to play eats me up :(

  27. hey there,
    i badly want this beta key..
    let me give you a few reasons!

    1.SUPER NICE GRAPHICS better than DoTA
    2.DoTA is infected with many bugs and many of its players are using COLLIDED MAPS and MAPHACK
    3.HoN recreates a DoTA heroes to a better version.
    4.All my friends have beta keys and they can play but i cant. So, i'd really appreciate if you can hook me up with a beta key!

    thank you,

  28. Do you have extra key sir

    this is my email add

    thank sir and more power

  29. This is a rip-off and your voice on DS is biased. Stop.

  30. To answer the clamor for beta keys, Atchucan Gaming is now giving Heroes of Newerth beta keys!

  31. a) Who is your favorite DotA hero?
    b) What is the reason why you like that hero?

    a) Viper =)
    b) Lol, i like it's poison attack. Most of the time it grants me my First Blood. xD

  32. i need some beta key..
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  34. I need 1 too...

  35. a) Who is your favorite DotA hero?
    b) What is the reason why you like that hero?

    b)Love to kill steal with his finger ultimate

  36. 1) Who is Your favorite DotA hero?
    2) What is the reason why You like that hero?

    Ad1) Mortred
    Ad2) I love Blinking other people and doing critical critics!

    Thank You in advance for HON Beta Key!

  37. Arbel Joseph EstradaDecember 4, 2009 at 12:01 AM

    ad2)he is so powerful when its late game and he's the best hero for me..

    thank you so much for the HON beta key i'am really curious to try this. and i know i will love this..thanks!
    my email:

  38. 1. mirana
    2. very use full in a game

    i need a hon beta key?
    hoping for it..
    tnx in advance..

  39. good day.. i need a beta key please please give me one!!! thank you...


  40. i have 2 beta keys anyone wants to have?

  41. imo doing something based on other game is totaly different thing than riping it off like they did


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