Monday, October 25, 2010

Street Fighter Hyper Real Artworks

Here at Atchucan Gaming, we only feature the coolest stuff to show to our readers.
Today we feature Kode ( with his Street Fighter Hyper Real Artworks.

In an interview with InfiniteContinues, Kode said:
I wanted to show all the fans a different side to the characters they have grown up with, just like I have. I have been a fan of Street Fighter since the first game came out; I fell in love with Street Fighter ever since that day.
Take a look at these Hyper real versions of some iconic Street Fighter characters.

Balrog (M. Bison? lol) getting pumped up for Fight Night.

Sagat - the SF character that started it all.

Guile - our favorite artwork from Kode (Boss Logic)

Kode Abdo is from Melbourne, Australia.

You may look at more of his awesome artworks on his DeviantArt page:

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