Saturday, November 8, 2008

Barack Obama Vintage Basketball

The votes have been tallied and Barack Obama has emerged as the 44th president of the United States of America.
But what most people don't know is...
Barack Obama played varsity basketball back in his high school days.

Atchucan gaming now brings you some fun facts.

Atchucan Fun fact Number 1:
Barack Obama's height is roughly 6'1"
*The stated height needs further verification.

Atchucan Fun fact Number 2:
He played basketball for Punahou School which is in Hawaii.

Atchucan Fun fact Number 3:
Obama's basketball jersey was number 23.
And yes, he wore it before Michael Jordan did.

Atchucan Fun fact Number 4:
His complete name is Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.
Barack's birthday: August 4, 1961

Heres is a team picture of the Panahou basketball team.

Can you spot the president?

To those who still don't believe he played, let this vintage video do the talking.


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