Friday, October 24, 2008

5 Most Popular BattleNet Warcraft custom maps

The 5 Most Popular BattleNet Warcraft custom maps

A few weeks ago, we released the Top 5 hottest custom maps for 2008.
Due to popular demand from our readers, we will now be releasing the top 5 most popular Battle.Net Warcraft custom maps today.

Take note that only the popularity is being scaled here. Balance, design and gameplay are not taken into account.
(Side note: Most of those who made it to the list rank high in those categories anyway)

Without much further ado, Atchucan Gaming presents the Top 5 BattleNet Warcraft customs.


DotA retains the number one spot as Icefrog and Pendragon continually enjoy an active DotA community. The recent announcement of former DotA modder, Guinsoo, about a massive online game called League of Legends shows us how far Aeon of Strife has brought us in terms of gaming.

Island Defense

Island Defense silently makes it to the list as the inhabitants of the Island continue defending themselves from the dreaded Titans. What's a better way to enjoy a vacation in a lovely tropical island than running away from the Titans?
P.S. Eternal slavery is not an option.

Footmen Frenzy

You can't truly call yourself a Warcraft gamer until you've joined the frenzy of controlling armies razing the other Barracks to the ground.

Enfos Team Survival

You can't go wrong splashing a Pandaren on your map preview screen as Enfo's Team Survival gets into the list. Have fun defending your base from those mobs that continually get stronger as the game goes on.

Element TD

Element TD has always been the banner map for the tower defense genre and it stays on the list with the Beta map they released earlier this year. The question is... When are they gonna release the post-beta version?

Note: Only Defense of the Ancients has an accurate standing of being Number One, the rankings of the maps following it are debatable.


  1. nice compilation you got here
    i hope there will be one for Garena too

  2. #1-3 are just about the only good games. I hate #4 and #5 gets kind of old.

  3. gotta agree with anonymous
    i only play these games:
    DotA, Island Defense, TreeTag, Footies and fufu ninja


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