Saturday, February 20, 2010

Classic Command and Conquer Games Free Download

The classic Command and Conquer games are now free to download.

Yup, you get the complete games for free. COMPLETE. Not a demo version.

Even though EA Games has started to gain a bad reputation amongst gamers the past few years, this is one good step for all those who love getting freebies!

What are the classic C&C titles up for FREE DOWNLOAD?

Command and Conquer: Red Alert
Command and Conquer: Tiberian Dawn
Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun plus Firestorm

If you've wanted to play any of those games the past few decades, you might wanna check those out while it's free.

Why is EA doing this?
It's for the promotion of an upcoming Command and Conquer game title.
There's a countdown to March 16, 2010 on their page if you look more closely.

Download the old RTS titles in the Command and Conquer series here:

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