Saturday, October 11, 2008

Atchucan Article: Girls and Gaming

Gaming isn't limited to boys. In fact, according to the NPD group, a research firm based in the US, females accounted for 21 percent in last year's total sales growth. Due to the the influx of non-violent casual games , more and more women have gotten into the world of gaming. With the huge growth potential that this niche offers, companies like Sony have started targeting the female audience by releasing female friendly game titles.

But that does not mean that girls are limited to the casual games genre. In fact, South Korean gamer Tossgirl has made a name for herslf by beating both both boys and girls alike in the classic RTS, Starcraft.

Taking all these things into consideration, we at Atchucan Gaming have decided to start publishing exclusive interviews with our Atchucan lady gamers. Not only that, we would also be doing Atchucan GamerGirl features about your favorite female gamers.

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  1. yay! girl power! but anyway, i'm a girl and i like gaming but somehow i get bored very fast with all those online mmorpg games. and i'm still looking for adventurous and squeezing-the-mind-like games even though i don't mind violent games.

  2. i like girls who plays internet games... we have something in common.. hihihi

  3. Can you post some Garena Gamer Chicks?
    Come on Atchucan!

  4. atchuan is a clean place for gamer not for chick =x


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