Tuesday, September 16, 2008

AtchucanTV: Prison Break

Warning: PrisonBreak is not be suitable for very young audiences.

Throughout history, escape attempts from prison has shown us how much man desires freedom.
The thought of escaping has always brought that adrenaline rush in the thoughts of people.
Generally, people thought of these accounts as exciting and adventurous.
In fact, prison escapes have been a high-selling subject for both fiction and non-fiction books.
(Atchucan Recommends: Alexandre Dumas' The Count of Monte Cristo)

Paul T. Scheuring brings it up a notch by bringing that concept to television which has made PrisonBreak one of the most exciting TV series ever created. Each new episode makes you keep yearning for more since it has that right formula of satisfying a curiousity then quickly bringing up another mystery.

Wentworth Miller plays Michael Scofield, the structural engineer who creates an elaborate plan to break out his wrongfully accused brother. Relying on his brilliant analytical skills and foresight, he creates situations which eventually add up to his main goal - breaking out of Fox River State Penitentiary.

You know these guys are gonna escape, you just don't know when!

Now who wants some Bolshoi Booze?


  1. lolz, my friends say this movie is nice, and urged me to watch it...
    i think i will watch it after my exam xD

  2. this a great one. im waiting for season 4 huhu

  3. yeah
    actually, season 4 has already started in the US.
    i wonder whats in store for us prison breakers? hehe

  4. lol i hecka love this movie... Imma watch it on friday =)

  5. ano timeslot ng PrisonBreak on Tv?


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