Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Samurai Shodown Anthology - Old School's Finest

Who doesn't love old-school arcade games? Especially those fighting games wherein you practiced the perfect combos until you ran out of credits... (oops!)
SNK now brings back one of old-school's finest to be played in the modern platforms.

Atchucan button mashers unite!

SNK is releasing the whole Samurai Shodown series on one disc!
Wait wait, all 7 titles?
Yup. That's Samurai Shodown, I, II, III, IV, V, V Special and VI all in.
Porting everything intact (even that uber cool sound of a slashing sword through flesh), this classic series will only be available for the following platforms:

Playstation 2
Nintendo Wii

So if you own any of those stuff, Atchucan recommends you to get this one.
Having this gem will let you experience the 15 years of evolution of the finest fighting game of it's time.

My favorite was Galford with his ever loyal puppy ready to bite.
Which samurai would you use to beat my team?


Come on, I know you want to.
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