Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Warcraft 3 Mod: Project Revolution discontinued

Snowflake Entertainment worked on it for more than 5 years but alas, the project to turn StarCraft:BroodWar into 3D is now OFFICIALLY dead!
COOLer, the lead internal coder for the project claimed that due to the limits of the WC3 engine, the project would not be able to recreate StarCraft to the very last detail.
Plagued by legal concerns and other issues both technical and non-technical, the muti-awarded conversion MOD will now be forever be written in the history books of both StarCraft and WarCraft.

Enjoy and appreciate the legacy that Project Revolution has left the gaming world.
Here are some screenshots for your enjoyment:

Now if you're still not yet convinced how great this MOD looked like, then maybe a few in-game images might change your opinion.
To go view a few more of these goodies, drop down their official websites.
And to sum it all up, let me leave you with an authentic Terran marine with the Snowflake insignia.


  1. wow, u really knows what we want.. muahah

    but i really wanna say- I LOVE STARCRAFT!!!!!

    Jason Ong

  2. thank you so much for this
    im loving this blog so much

  3. thanks

    if there's anything that you want to be featured, feel free to post it up here and Atchucan will do it's best to feature it

  4. i loved this.. idk why..

    i dont wanna play this game.. coz i'm gonna be so addicted ^^


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