Monday, September 15, 2008

Google - more than just a simple search engine

To all those stuck with yahoo and msn, I've got a 2 syllable word for you... Google.
Currently one of the biggest internet companies in the world, Google has stayed on top through simplicity. Just take a look at theirwebsite. It basically contains only three things: the Google logo of the day, a search box and some links of a whole lot of other services that Google offers.
(Do bloggger, gmail and youtube ring any bells?)

Google has showed the world that developing internet services that are both user-friendly and useful at the same time can turn an obscure start-up into a multi-billion company.
So if you're tired of the lame search results of yahoo and msn, why don't you give google a try?
Start searching at:


Come on, I know you want to.
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