Monday, September 15, 2008

Metal Slug Zero - from Arcade to Online

In 1996, a shoot 'em up many of you might have played one time or another in an arcade center was released. That run and gun game was called Metal Slug. The Metal Slug series was so successful and enjoyable that it became the standard for it's genre.
It's been over a decade since Marco and Tarmac (the guys brandishing those guns in the game) first appeared to shoot down all those hordes with their own versions of weapons of mass destruction.

Fast forward...
The arcade game we all loved is now going ONLINE.
Yup, you heard it first right here.
Dubbed as Metal Slug Zero, this comic shooting action will now be brandished in full 3d.
It will introduce online concepts like card systems, parties and guilds.
What's more, it would be able to have two players play together in one computer!

As we wait for the South Koreans to finalize their work, why don't you guys visit the Korean Metal Slug Zero website at:

Or you can stop figuring out those Korean characters by going to the English site:

"Heavy Machine Gun!"


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